Freelance Writer Kate

Hi - I'm Kate - Freelance Writer/Editor

If you want to improve your web content and emails, you've come to the right freelance writer for help.

I'll write captivating content that will make readers happy to return to your website over and over. And they'll click your call to action.

I Can Help You Improve Your Website

I'll be honest. There are a lot of excellent writers available for you to choose from. But my wide-ranging background gives me a deeper understanding of what people want when they come to your website.

My background includes working as - 

  • a freelance writer and editor for more than seven years - click here to see samples of my work
  • an author with six published books
  • an international tour director in the U.S., Canada, Holland, France, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Japan, China, Indonesia
  • an English teacher for more than 15 years
  • a temp employee at a couple hundred companies over the years during school vacations and in between permanent jobs
  • a Spanish teacher in Los Angeles

Although I have degrees in​ both education and psychology, actually working in the world of teaching and tour directing gave me the best education. I know how to engage your target audience so they want to click on your call to action. My writing brings clients back repeatedly to read new posts.

I'd love to bring that expertise to your writing projects.​

Living overseas ​for more than 30 years has broadened my horizons in understanding human emotions even more. My writing for you will focus on your clients, their needs, and solutions to their problems. I know how to write content that establishes rapport with all kinds of people. Because of that, you will develop a strong relationship with your clients via the posts and articles I write for you.

I work from my home office in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which I share with two whippets and three Dalmatians. They make sure I always make my deadlines.

When I came to Indonesia for a three-month work contract in late 1982, I fell in love with ​the adventurous lifestyle here. As a result, those three months turned into more than 30 years. Life is good.

Let's talk about your writing needs. Just click the button below.​